Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pictures from SIDART tasting

Some of my more glamorous friends, acquaintances and admirees gathered at SIDART in Ponsonby last night for an inaugural AFB wine tasting with in-house sommelier Marie Colosimo. We tried eight different wines, comparing New Zealand and French versions of bubbly, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and gewurztraminer, the sauv and the pinot being accompanied by canapes created by the multi award winning Sid Sahrawat in the kitchen. I know. You sort of had to be there and, if you weren't, below are some pictures of all the fun we had.

Our thanks to Seresin Estate for providing their excellent “Rachel” pinot noir free of charge for the evening. It was enjoyed by all, particularly our guest Rachel, who is apparently so taken with the idea of a wine bearing her name, she's snapped up most of their latest vintage. Marie also wants to thank Vicky from MacVine International, Nick from Vintners and Morven from Negociants - all of whom contributed  wine and enthusiasm for our big night.

Sid's Dory and nori was very popular, as was his duck with miso caramel 'paint'. Both of these pop up in slightly different forms on his degustation menu, and served as good advertisements for a return visit. Predictably, the star of the night was Marie, and one of your best reasons for going to SIDART should be the joy of hearing her talk about her exquisite wine list.

I'd like to do more events like this in the future so, glamorous or otherwise, if you'd like to come to the next one please drop me a line and let me know.