Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One More Indian

Some time ago I offered a list of three good Indian vegetarian restaurants in Auckland. Since then I've discovered Bikanervala in Mt Roskill, which I have now visited four times without spotting another white person. It's the sort of cultural island which makes cities like London so cool to eat in and explore, and based on my most recent Google Analytics report, I can safely share its location here without unduly endangering it with gentrification.
Bikanervala is large, clean and has a massive, impenetrable menu. Don't ask the guy at the cash register for any help – he's not particularly friendly, and treats any question about any dish as a firm order for that dish. Once he's punched it into that till, your order is etched in stone I'm afraid. So best just to pick a couple of things you think you might vaguely recognise the names of and order them confidently. The food's all good, and dishes start from about $2.