Friday, June 17, 2011

Eating in the eighties, part two

It’s been a fun week since I posted Auckland’s Top Restaurants, 1980. Thanks to all the people who’ve got in touch and shared their memories – some pleasant, most hideous.

While we’re on the subject, as promised here’s a 1983 lunch receipt from the swanky Fleur de Lys, once again provided by my eighties ad agency survivor Mary Will.

If you’re new to the marketing industry and wonder why everybody over 50 speaks nostalgically about the ‘liquid lunch’, this will give you some idea of what they’re talking about. Bear in mind this is for just three people, herself included.

A Quiet Lunch in the 80's

Beer, wine, cognac, Irish coffee, sherry, liqueur … what is Coopers Cook? Prices look good, although is that $11 for a glass of cab sav or the bottle?

Sadly there’s not much detail on the food – WTF is an oyster cocktail? How did the avocado come? Please tell me sliced thinly and spread around your plate like a fan!