Sunday, January 17, 2010

World Famous in Avon-da-lay

Avondale Market is the most interesting food market in Auckland, and we'll have plenty of opportunities to find out why on this blog in the future. We went there today, and stuffed our face on good Asian food, and I got recognised by the owner of a stall which sold chicken larb and mudfish paste and various other Thai/Laotian specialties.

"Ah!," he exclaimed in broken English, "I've been waiting for you!"
 I have bothered this gentleman on several previous occasions, demanding access to the special pastes and treats he keeps hidden away from caucasians, so I assumed he just wanted to find out how I'd got on with my most recent purchase. But turns out he'd seen me on the television doing a stand up gig in which I mentioned a long standing friendship I'd had with a Cambodian street sweeper in Hamilton.

He seemed a bit worried that I was taking the mickey out of Cambodians, and who could blame him. Even people who speak English as a first language tend to assume that if you're talking about someone in a stand up gig, that you must be making fun of them, so god knows what this poor guy thought.  Anyway, after making me promise that I wouldn't use him in my act he agreed to sell me some fresh spring rolls. Didn't promise I wouldn't use him in my blog though.

The Avondale Market is open Sunday mornings, and its very popular (with people who aren't white), so parking is a bitch. You can find this guy (his name also sounds a bit like "guy", if that helps), in the second row on the right as you walk from the carpark.

There are good pork buns there too; I'll talk about them another time but for now here is a photo of one.