Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Auckland food secrets

I’m delighted to provide you with another round up of Auckland eating and drinking – some of it news and some of it just news to me. If this is your first time back with me since the summer break and you’re wondering about the new logos, I’m pleased to tell you that Samsung are now providing sponsorship and support for my wee blog, in return for me reminding you occasionally that if you’re buying a new kitchen appliance, theirs are among the best. The induction hob they gave me boils a pot of water in 90 seconds! Righto, here we go:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Season's meatings

Health-wise, I’m allowed to drink as much as I like, because I didn’t eat red meat for almost 20 years. Oh, but then I did smoke quite heavily for about ten years. And I don’t exercise very much. So maybe I shouldn’t drink as much as I like, but I probably will anyway, because it feels good, and if you’re born after 1970 that’s the only test that really matters.