Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Secret Thai Garden

Anna Burns Francis. It sounds like a stage direction from a Fringe Festival script, but it’s actually the name of a talented radio news journalist who emailed and put me onto Secret Thai Garden, an amazing little find and my new recommendation for a surprise Auckland date night.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wellington latest

Well this is awkward. Turns out fatherhood is actually quite time consuming, not the effortless, hobbysome pursuit I'd been planning for. As a result I've found myself confusingly short of free time. I'm still eating, but I'm getting less of a chance to write about it (although you can read my contributions to Auckland's Top 100 CBD eateries in this month's Metro magazine).

Luckily I have a crutch to lean on in these hard times, and that's my buddy Alexander Bisley, who's in charge of keeping an eye on comings and goings on the Wellington food scene for me. Below are his picks, updated from a year ago.