Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Vietnamese in Auckland

If you have any interest in Vietnamese food, please make immediate plans to visit 'Try It Out', an authentic, charming and well-priced Vietnamese restaurant at 79 Atkinson Ave in Otahuhu, which is very much worth the trip. Maybe it won't even be much of a trip. Maybe you live in Otahuhu already and check this blog regularly in the hope that one day I'll mention an Auckland food secret found more than one kilometre from Ponsonby Road. Well your optimism has paid off. Today is the day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meat to please you

Hardly an Auckland secret, but I wanted to devote a few paragraphs to the Westmere Butchery, a local institution which receives almost daily visits from me during barbecue season. When I converted from vegetarianism about 18 months ago, I vowed as far as possible to only eat meat from a trusted, ethically-sound source, and also to cut back on my use of pretentious words like 'vow'. As you can see I'm still struggling with the latter, but having the boys from Westmere nearby has certainly helped with the former.